Shapira Steinberg – CPA Firm is a one-stop-shop offering every kind of accounting service, all under one roof. Working in full cooperation with you, the firm puts together the best package of services according to the nature of your business and the scope of your activities. This is done so that you receive the maximum benefit of our services and improve the conduct and profitability of your business.

Our Services Include:

Israeli Tax Consulting
The goal: creating an optimal tax structure that allows reducing taxes in accordance to the law. To this end, the firm collects all of the relevant data and presents the client with the necessary recommended changes based on the results of an in-depth examination. Consulting services are provided to individuals, self-employed individuals and companies, with each client receiving personally tailored service.
International Tax Consulting
This service is intended for those working and earning incomes overseas and wishing to minimize their taxes – whether outside of Israel or within. Following an in-depth examination, the firm puts together an optimal tax mix tailored to the tax system of the relevant country.
Accompaniment Establishing a New Business
Many businesses start with a lot of fanfare, but for one reason or another end up shutting down after a relatively short time. In order to increase a new business’s chances of survival, our firm offers a personal guidance service that includes a variety of solutions and services:
  • Profitability and feasibility analysis – Is it financially worthwhile to open the business in the long run?
  • Consulting on how to register the business: Self-employed individual / Limited company – The decision is made according to the client’s goals (retaining profits / withdrawing all revenues), and using a simulation we present the client with the best financial option of the two.
  • Registering with VAT, National Insurance and the Income Tax Authority – The service is provided without requiring the client to physically visit the authorities’ offices.
Consulting and Guidance Establishing Computerized Information Systems
Computerized bookkeeping systems provide critical, up-to-date information about the business and are therefore essential for its operation. These systems can be connected online, and information can be accessed with the click of a button as required by the business. Our firm specializes in analyzing and establishing computerized information systems for our clients.

The firm presents clients with the advantages and disadvantages of every available system. Depending on the specific needs of the business and the economic cost effectiveness of each system, the firm recommends the most suitable system to its clients.

Voluntary Disclosure
Assistance to those who wish to report to the tax authorities regarding any incomes and/or assets not previously reported in order to avoid criminal proceedings. The service includes comprehensive, personal accompaniment throughout the entire process, starting with the declaration stage and until an agreement has been signed with tax authorities.
A Variety of Solutions for Private Companies and Business Entities
  • Auditing annual financial statements
  • Review of interim reports
  • Ongoing consultation in matters of taxes and accounting
  • Submitting tax reports and handling the ongoing matters of VAT, National Insurance and other authorities
  • Assistance preparing budgets and monitoring actual implementation
  • Assistance preparing and implementing recovery programs
A Variety of Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations and Associations
  • Auditing annual financial statements
  • Preparation of regular reports for supporting government bodies
  • Assistance in support and budgetary requests from government bodies
  • Assistance with regular audits of the authorities and supporting government bodies
  • Assistance with financial matters
A Variety of Financial Consulting and Business Assistance Solutions
  • Improvement of bookkeeping, stock and financial reporting systems
  • Establishment of annual/multi-year budget systems, including a system for tracking the actual implementation of the budget
  • Preparation of a cashflow system – as an addition to the budget and reporting systems
  • Personal consulting and accompaniment for working with the banking system
  • Comprehensive management and accounting services with an emphasis on the financial-management aspect
  • Assistance establishing computerized information systems until they are fully implemented
  • Analysis of the financial status of companies facing hardships and assistance preparing recovery programs
  • Corporate valuation
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Preparation and implementation of recovery and streamlining programs
  • Examination of various interest payments and provision of opinions on the matter
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